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Behavior and Training Books

diamond "How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With"    ~    C. Rutherford & D. Neil
diamond "Don't Shoot the Dog"    ~    Karin Pryor
diamond "Dog Behavior"    ~    Dr. Ian Dunbar
diamond "A Behavior Sample"    ~    Gary Wilks
diamond "Better Behavior"    ~    William E. Campbell
diamond "Behavior Problems in Dogs"    ~    William E. Campbell
diamond "Super Dog"    ~    Dr. Michael W. Fox
diamond "The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior"    ~    Bruce Fogle, DVM, MRCVS
diamond "The Evans Guide for Counseling Dog Owners"    ~    Job Michael Evans
diamond "Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act"    ~    Judy Byron & Adele Yunck

 Health and Pet Care Books

diamond "Natural Health for Dogs & Cats"   ~   Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD & S. Pitcairn
diamond "Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook"    ~    Carlson & Giffin
diamond "Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog"    ~    Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown DVM
diamond "The Nature of Animal Healing"    ~    Martin Goldstein, DVM
diamond "How To Have A Healthier Dog"    ~    Wendell O. Belfield DVM & M. Zucker

Special Interest Books

diamond "Senior Years: Understanding your Dog's Aging Process"   ~   J.K. Hampton Jr. PhD & S.H. Hampton, PhD
diamond "Bach Flower Remedies for Animals"    ~    Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis
diamond "Bach Flower Remedies for Animals"    ~    Stefan Ball & Judy Howard
diamond "Natural Pet Cures"    ~    Dr. John Heinerman

IMPORTANT:  Winnipeg K9 suggests these books for interest and educational purposes only. Information in the books should never be used to replace regular veterinary care and/or professional advice.

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