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Recommended Reading
treat Kilcona Park Dog club
treat Little Mountain Park Pet Owners Association
treat Winnipeg's Dog Community - dog forum
treat The Canadian Kennel Club
treat Kim Hamel - Manitoba CKC Representative
Manitoba Breeder Referral Enquiries             Email
treat North American Mixed Breed Registry
treat American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration
Training Resources
treat Steppin' Up with Terri Arnold
treat Connie Cleveland Dog Trainer's Workshop
treat Suzanne Clothier - Index of Training Articles
treat Prong Collars and Some Information About Their Use
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Pet Care
treat Index of Poisonous Plants
treat Plants Poisonous to Livestock
treat The Senior Dog Project - Care of the Senior Dog
treat Kong Pet Toys: Legendary strength, quality, and performance!
treat Waldenway Canine & Kitty Camp (the "unkennel")  -  Winnipeg & vicinity
treat Scoopy Doo Canine Waste Removal Inc.  -  Winnipeg
treat The Professional Pet Groomers Association Of Manitoba
Nutrition for Your Pet
treat Baldwin Feeds - Supplier of Fresh/Frozen Raw Poultry Products  -  Starbuck, MB
treat Carnivora Dogs - Learning Centre
treat Switching To Raw - A Fresh Food Diet for Dogs
treat Dr. Ian Billinghurst - "Veterinarian & Evolutionary Nutritionist"
treat Wysong Pet Foods
treat Mountain Dog Food - Raw Frozen Pet Foods
treat BARFWORLD - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
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Holistic and Natural Health Resources
treat Aesops Veterinary Care - Winnipeg
treat Pawsitive Veterinary Care - Kelowna, BC
treat Bach Flower Remedies
treat The Holistic Dog.com
Veterinary Health Resources
treat Merck Veterinary Manual - An On-line Resource
treat VetInfo - A Veterinary Information Service
treat BMD Health Information Links
treat The Smiling Blue skies Cancer Fund
treat Canine Blastomycosis
treat Canadian Animal Blood Bank  -  Winnipeg & vicinity
treat OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
treat UC Davis - Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
treat CERF - Canine Eye Registry Foundation
treat WCVM - Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, Canada
treat OVC - Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Canada
treat University of Minnesota Veterinary Teaching Hospital, St. Paul, MN, USA
Dog Sports and Activities
treat A.I.M. - Agility In Manitoba
treat Manitoba Gun Dog Association
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